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Thread Trimmer Series
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Zhejiang Dinuo Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD.

Zhejiang Dinuo Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD was Founded in 2001, located in the sewing machine capital – Taizhou, Zhejiang province. The company’s goal is demanding oneself to be one of leading companies in the industry. In order to achieve the goal, we have implemented an integrated system of R&D Department, Numerical Control Machining, Quality Inspection, Marketing and After-sales Service. Now the company is professional China Thread Trimmer manufacturers and OEM/ODM Thread Trimmer factory. We specialize in producing more than 100 series of ironing products such as steam iron itself, iron shoes, steam boiler, fusing machine, heat transfer machine, cloth stirp cutting machine, bra shaping machine, thread trimmer and so on.


Industry knowledge about this item

A thread trimmer is a machine or tool that is used to cut threads or yarns in sewing, knitting, or other textile processes. There are several different types of thread trimmers, including mechanical thread trimmers, electric thread trimmers, and hand-held thread trimmers.
Mechanical thread trimmers are typically used in sewing machines and other textile machinery and use a blade or other cutting mechanism to trim the threads. Electric thread trimmers are similar to mechanical thread trimmers but are powered by electricity rather than by mechanical means. Hand-held thread trimmers are small, portable tools that can be used by hand to trim threads.
Thread trimmers are used to cut threads that are excess or unwanted, such as tails on a seam or loose ends on a knitted garment. They can also be used to cut threads in order to remove a finished garment or other textile product from a sewing machine or other machinery. In addition to cutting threads, some thread trimmers may also have features such as a lint brush or a thread burner to help remove excess lint or fuse threads together.