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Automatic Pearls Fix Machine
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Zhejiang Dinuo Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD.

Zhejiang Dinuo Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD was Founded in 2001, located in the sewing machine capital – Taizhou, Zhejiang province. The company’s goal is demanding oneself to be one of leading companies in the industry. In order to achieve the goal, we have implemented an integrated system of R&D Department, Numerical Control Machining, Quality Inspection, Marketing and After-sales Service. Now the company is professional China Automatic Pearls Fix Machine manufacturers and OEM/ODM automatic pearl fix machine factory. We specialize in producing more than 100 series of ironing products such as steam iron itself, iron shoes, steam boiler, fusing machine, heat transfer machine, cloth stirp cutting machine, bra shaping machine, thread trimmer and so on.


Industry knowledge about this item

An automatic pearl fix machine is a machine that is used to attach pearls or other decorative beads to fabric or other materials. These machines are commonly used in the clothing and fashion industry, as well as in other industries such as home decor and accessories.
Automatic pearl fix machines typically consist of a sewing head and a mechanism for feeding the pearls or beads through the machine. The sewing head is equipped with a needle and thread and is used to attach the pearls or beads to the fabric. The feeding mechanism may be a conveyor belt, a hopper, or some other device for holding and feeding the pearls or beads through the machine.
Automatic pearl fix machines can greatly increase the efficiency and speed of the pearl-attaching process, as they can attach multiple pearls or beads at once with precise accuracy. They are often used in conjunction with other sewing and finishing machinery in a manufacturing setting. Some models of automatic pearl fix machines may also have additional features such as a waste removal system or a system for attaching the pearls or beads to a specific pattern or design.